A Bump in the Road

If you are a bride planning your wedding, or a wedding vendor, or anyone who has ever been involved in a wedding, in any capacity before, you will completely understand where I cam coming from when I say that at a wedding, something will go wrong....it may be something little like a button on the groomsman's coat falling off or it may be something HUGE like the DJ getting your date wrong (which won't happen if you have a wedding planner #selfpromotion).  You can create the most detailed schedule and work endlessly with the most amazing planner to make sure your day goes off without a hitch, but there is only so much you can control. A little bit of rain, or a ring bearer not getting his nap that day (better put that on the timeline FOR SURE!)..something will happen.

Life, particularly life in the Navy, seems to be the same way. You plan and you buy tickets and reserve hotels and cruises and vacations...and you buy insurance...you find the perfect house at the perfect duty station, and the detailer changes your orders a week before. It's life. Life with the Navy. Well, I thought I got around all of that... AH HA! we are getting OUT of the navy...there is NOTHING that can happen that will stop this. California HERE. WE. COME. House bought, end of the Navy celebration cruise booked (but we bought insurance cause I ain't no dummy), road trip planned and house all packed in boxes, business lined up, clients booked, 1 1/2 weeks out from the big moving day! Then BAM! Like a wall of bricks. Suddenly i'm unpacking, canceling flights and vacations (good thing I bought that insurance), making alternative travel arrangements for my client's weddings (YES I will still be there!). But all the sudden we are no longer California bound...at least for the next 5 months. Tyler (the hubs) did't pass some of his medical testing and is being held back (partly our own choice) to make sure he gets the best medical care possible. Let me just calm your nerves by letting you know that it's nothing fatal. It can become serious but is manageable by dietary restrictions...now I'm a pinterest addict for healthy food choices and substitutions!

Life always throws obstacles, regardless how much you plan. This is no exception. Am I annoyed? Partly. Am I sad? Yea a little. Do I wanna throw a hissy fit? Absolutely. But you know the one thing I've learned, between wedding planning and Navy life is that NONE of the above feelings change my situation. It's not wrong to feel that way, as a matter of fact, it's so crucial to the whole emotional process to admit those feelings (yes the psychologist side of me is coming out...gotta use that degree for something). But it is the way that you handle those feeling that matters most. Life has thrown me lemons and I choose to make lemonade.

What does that mean for my future clients? Well, if you have already booked wedding with me, don't you worry one bit. I'll be coming into town several times this summer so you won't even notice a difference! However, I will be putting the rest of my wedding planning business on hold. I want to give my clients the best pricing possible, and having to fly across the country won't help with that. I also want to be able to make sure that I am dedicating as much time, during these next five months, to learn about my husband's diagnosis and be able to help him manage it as well and healthy as possible. In the mean time, I will still continue working with Lisa from Nightingale Events (Best CT wedding planner EVER!) during this time. 

The next five months I will be continuing my internship with Nightingale Events while I focus on my calligraphy and letterpress/invitation printing area of my company.  The best news of this is, I can FINALLY accept delivery on my Golding Jobber printing press! Currently, I had to contract my letterpress printing out however, now I do can it right in my own garage and I am BEYOND THRILLED! That being said, I will be offering a significant discount to the first initial clients who want beautiful cotton stationery; from invitations to business cards and personalized notecards! Check out my calligraphy and letterpress work here!

Thank you all for your support and kind words already offered during this very interesting re-tranistion for my business and personal life! I am very excited to see what the future has in store personally and professionally!